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How To Build A Successful And Sustainable OT Business That You Don’t Have To Runaway From.

Make more money. Have more flexibility. Enjoy more.

If you are struggling to get your OT business off the ground or feeling stuck after only a few years in business, I can help

Are you not making the money you know you deserve?

Hey friend! 

Do you feel like you are constantly struggling to make money in your Occupational Therapy business?

Are you looking around and seeing everyone celebrate their successes and wondering what they are doing right that you are not doing?

I hear you…I’ve been there and here to tell the tales of what is possible for you. 

You started your therapy business because you wanted to make a difference in the lives of your customers.

You wanted to give yourself the chance to earn more, have more flexibility, and have career fulfillment – your way. 

You knew it was not going to be easy but didn’t realize how challenging it would actually be.  

You didn’t realize how lonely it can be either.  

Even just to know if you are on the right track and get constructive feedback to help you be successful is near impossible. 

The struggle is real to:

  • Fill up your schedule with people who want to pay for your services
  • Price your services or products effectively so that you can be profitable.
  •  Hire the right people to help you without losing your shirt.


In this FREE guide I reveal 10 main reasons why you are NOT making the money you deserve and 10 ways you can fix that!

(I know…I made these mistakes so you don’t have to)

Use my mistakes for your gain – grow your business and make money!

Becoming a business owner…an entrepreneur…is NOT easy. It’s may not for everyone. But it’s for you if you are reading this.

I’m an OT business owner that started out very much like you. I just wanted to fill my schedule and treat the way I wanted to treat. I was searching for the freedom that everyone in business talks about but all I found was being tied down to my patient schedule.

I started out 10 years ago. Within the 1st year I was stuck…I knew the business I created needed help. I just didn’t know where to turn or who to turn to.

I started my business by asking around to see what other OT’s did. What was limited. Though there’s MORE information now…it’s also MORE confusing.

The market is competitive, but I’ll tell you what….there’s plenty of room for us occupational therapists.

Here’s what I’ve learned from being in the rooms with other therapy business owners (and non therapy related businesses).

We can do it better.  

You can develop your business skills that no university degree will teach you. 

In this free guide, I share with you what I have learned with more than 10 years, building a brick and mortar clinic, developing my online programs, and charging a premium for my services.

You can too.


If you are struggling to get your OT business off the ground…

If you are not making the money you know you deserve…

Here are my guide – “Top 10 Reasons Why OTs Are Not Making The Money They Deserve”

You might be skeptical about what's inside and how it can help....

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Business is business, no matter what services you are promoting and selling. Once you can identify areas of lack or weakness, you can start to make changes that make you money.

As OTs and healthcare providers, we want desperately to help people. But only businesses that STAY in business can continue to serve. Learn what you can do to ensure your business continues to help others.

Being in business is hard enough without getting advice from those NOT in your area or from those who haven’t done what you want. Who you talk to does make a difference to the growth or stagnation of your business. Just here sharing what’s worked and not worked for me in the past 10 years and 2 healthcare-related businesses—hoping that it helps you too!

Make more money. Have more flexibility. Enjoy more.