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Everything You Need To Know About Studying For The Hand Therapy Exam To Become A Certified Hand Therapist

“CHT Exam-Prep Essentials: Your Insiders Checklist To Only Do It ONCE”
The only guide for the Occupational Therapist who wants to become a Certified Hand Therapist. Grab the only checklist that will tell you what it takes to study and pass the CHT exam.

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Is it possible for YOU to become an expert Certified Hand Therapist in your area and have more choices of where you work, the type of patients you want to treat, and always have job security?

YES!  You can become a certified hand therapist no matter how many people are naysayers, discouraging, or wanting to shut you out of this amazing area of occupational therapy.

This checklist might challenge what you THINK about what is truly required and how you currently THINK about what is possible for you in your career as an Occupational Therapist.  

This is a radically different approach to how other therapists might have told you about how to study, how to pass, and your choices in hand therapy once you are a Certified Hand Therapist. 

Make no mistake…this checklist does one thing and one thing only. It’s going to let you know what it really takes to become the most sought-after therapist in your area and what it really means to become an expert.

Here’s what you will discover inside “CHT Exam-Prep Essentials: Your Insiders Checklist
To Only Do It ONCE.”

Who’s this checklist for?

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Meet Hoang Helping Occupational and Physical Therapists To Prepare For Hand Therapy Certification Exam

People often ask why I started Hand Therapy Secrets. It was discouraging when I started on my journey in hand therapy…and my mission is to change that narrative for other Occupational Therapists.

It’s possible for you to become an expert so that you can have choices in your career.

My mission is to help Occupational Therapists who want to specialize in hand therapy develop their skills, grow their confidence to be able to treat any patient that comes their way with a hand or arm injury, and help them prepare and pass the Hand Therapy Exam to become Certified Hand Therapists.

“Be the CHT Before Becoming the CHT.”

It’s about YOU becoming a critical thinker, problem-solver, and decision-maker – as it pertains to helping any patient that comes your way. Get the accountability, focus, and support so you can prepare to become a Certified Hand Therapist.

It’s your turn.

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