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Exam Prep On-Demand

Study For The Hand Therapy Exam Easier, Better, Faster

Use Hoang’s trusted curriculum, cadence, and approach to studying in a way that will help you understand concepts, not just memorize.

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Get the ultimate hand therapy study on-demand program that will cover all the main topics, in the order that you need, with the frameworks and tools that make studying to become a CHT easier and less overwhelming.

Here’s what’s included: 


Focused studying with a curriculum based program that is formulated to stack the learning and make studying easier and faster.  10 modules with 100’s of videos that break down the chapters inside the Rehab of The Hand


Frameworks, printouts, and tools to help guide you throughout the studying process to keep you organized and on trackTopics and chapters are chunked out in a way that helps take the overwhelm out of studying while using the blueprint of HTCC has outlined. 


Study faster with Hoang’s methods and approach to teaching.  Download the app directly onto your phone to watch and listen on the go.  Then watch it again when you sit down on the ipad and computer and take notes.

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Studying for the Hand Therapy Exam to become a Certified Hand Therapist can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you enroll in the right program.

You don’t have to struggle getting started. The Exam On-Demand chunks everything you need to study down into bite size pieces of information so that you can start studying easier. There’s no feeling lost, overwhelmed or behind when you use The Exam On-Demand to study. Feel confident that you will cover all the materials and understand the concepts, to be able to answer any questions that come on the exam.

So what’s next and why now?

If you’ve been waiting to join just click the button and complete your registration. 

This is the BEST VALUE deal I will offer in 2024 and by grabbing The Exam On-Demand, you’ll save $225.

It’s a massive value, you get 6 months access for a fraction of the price of The Exam Prep program.   You can make one payment or pick a payment plan to spread out the cost.  

If you want to extend your time with this program or get into the bigger LIVE version of The Exam prep program, you’ll receive 50% off the price of the program.

I want to make this an easy YES  for you so you can experience the transformation that so many of our students rave about.

Creating Your OT Business Plan

You want more?

Looking for practice questions?

Did you know that HTCC never releases any of their old or discarded questions?  Nope.  They don’t.  Don’t fall for pop up quizzes and memorizing.  That won’t help you pass.

How you pass the Hand Therapy Exam is by practicing how to problem solve and apply what you know to answer any type of question you are given.

Currently, I think The Purple Book has the largest volume of questions on the market right now.  

You’ll receive the framework I’ve developed to help you practice breakdowning the question and learn to pick the best answer so on the exam, you’ll know how to do it.  Inside The Exam On-Demand, you’ll receive the videos that show you how to do just this for each topic. 

It’s incredibly valuable to implement this aspect to your studying – not just blindly going through practice questions over and over.

Don’t spend another year thinking about studying….wishing you were a CHT already…and let’s make it happen this year. 

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You’ve got the years as an OT or PT….You have the hours that qualify you to sit for the Hand Therapy Exam to become a Certified Hand Therapist

It’s personal.  You might love your current position, company, and only want to become a Certified Hand Therapist because it’s been a personal goal of yours.  It’s about making progress in your career that you can see, feel, and appreciate because it makes you a better therapist and it’s something grand to be proud of.

It’s about leverage. You want to be marketable in a competitive market.  You want the leverage to ask for that raise or other financial benefits.  You desire to be respected in your community without having to explain why patients should pick you to work with. 

It’s about choices.  You might not love your job and looking for a new company. Maybe even consider moving to another area….but you know that it’s NOT that easy to get into a new job wanting what you want….without your CHT letters.  

You know that you’re destined for more.

You see others studying….passing.  You see others putting it off.  You see others take it and fail the exam. 

Wherever you’re at right now, no matter how deep your fear, or how painful your frustration, know that this is not a problem you can’t solve! 

Over the past 5 years working closely with therapists from around the world…I’ve heard hundreds of stories and have helped hundreds of therapists just like you study and become the respected and sought after therapists. 

No matter what’s going on in the world, it’s possible for you to study and become a Certified Hand Therapist.

I know that might be hard to imagine when you feel so busy, been told countless times how hard it is to pass (usually by people who don’t want to put in the effort like you), and you feel so overwhelmed with the idea of studying. 

That’s when you might be falling into bad habits like: 

  • Start with chapter 1 in Rehab of the hand and stop.
  • Start again and stop when you feel like you can’t retain the info
  • Jump around the Purple book and feeling stupid because you keep getting the questions wrong
  • Buy more anatomy books thinking that might help
  • Feel overwhelmed because there’s so many topics you can’t get through
  • Start to doubt if this is even something you want because you are afraid of failing

Been there myself and seen it over and over

And here’s what I want you to know….

You have it in you to do challenging things because the flip side is to be average and not go after the thing you want.


I studied my ass off for the exam and now I can enjoy the fruits of my efforts over and over again. 

You have to put the step by step effort in.

Otherwise it’s too easy to keep putting it off for another year – and you forget that you have the power to create the career you love and have more choices than any other therapist. 

So I’m here to help.

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I’m Hoang Tran, OT and CHT

OT mentor, author, and creator of The Exam Prep Program 

For over 10 years, I’ve hired and trained OT’s and guided them towards becoming a  CHT’s.  Therapists who have come to work for me, not only learned from me but they have been empowered and have always been able to get any job they want in their career moving forward. 

Over the past 5 years, I’ve taken my style of teaching and curriculum, and helped OTs and PTs from around the world study to become Certified Hand Therapists. 

Therapists who have completed my program have passed no matter how many times they had tried in the past, gotten new jobs, and even started their own business. 

Not to toot my own horn but…

So many have said that it’s been the best investment they’ve ever made in their career. 

With The Exam On-Demand, you have the opportunity to access the curriculum and all the program has to offer to help you study easier, better, and faster.

“Thank you, Hoang! I appreciate you openly sharing your knowledge. Your content empowers OTs/CHTs to feel more confident at evaluating and treating.”


“Thank you for designing such a helpful program! I’m OFFICIALLY A CHT!!! You’re the best Hoang!”


“I have to say that taking your course really held me accountable and I did learn information that you have chunked into bite-size pieces! Your format is one of the best out there as it is engaging as well as keeping some of the dry material INTERESTING with your humor and enthusiasm.! I have become more confident with my patients utilizing the skills that I acquired in your program.”


If you are anything like me, when taking any major exam, I was willing to invest in the best programs and books to ensure my success in taking it only once.

When I was studying for my GRE…I knew I did not do well on those types of standardized exams so I made sure no matter how expensive – I was willing to invest so that I could get into the top OT program.

For the CHT exam in my time (gosh I do sound old here), there were no such programs like mine.  

Every CHT who had passed before didn’t have the time to help.  Truth be told…not everyone has the skills and patience to go in depth as the hand therapy exam requires. 

Imagine where you could be in 6 months with the right curriculum, plan, and approach to studying.  

Especially in the moments when you are feeling overwhelmed, unfocused and unsure. 

The solution is not to try to do more of what you have done….

By following the right plan and curriculum, I can help you study easier, better, and faster.

Wouldn’t it be nice to study in a way that was easier?

For example….

If you already have a plan and all you have to do is follow it….

If you already have all the topics explained to you – in a simplified way and you can watch it over and over no matter where you are…

If you understood concepts, reading would be so much easier and you would waste less time reading and not “getting it”.

I know….it almost sounds too good to be true!  But it’s true.  The Exam On-Demand is like having access to the “Cliffnotes” for Rehab of The Hand.

But it’s possible for you….

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Creating Your OT Business Plan

I know it can seem like a lot to invest in yourself…doubtful if you can pass…and just second guessing yourself.

It’s NORMAL.  You are NORMAL.

The CHT exam is different from any other exam and it’s because you don’t HAVE to have it to be able to work.  Unlike the OT or PT exam to be able to work in our chosen field.

This is scary because it’s something you WANT.  This is something you know will give you LEVERAGE.  This is something that will earn you automatic RESPECT. 

And you might be scared and second guessing if it’s possible for you to study and pass because it’s been a long while since you have studied and taken this type of exam.

It’s okay that it feels a bit scary.



How is your doubt and fears holding you back from achieving?

Not feeling confident because deep down you know becoming a CHT is something you want.

Feeling overwhelmed because you think about the results but don’t know how to get started.

Feeling less than because you can’t help but compare yourself to others.

You’re okay, but you can’t see how to make progress in your career

Feeling strapped for time because of work and family.

Feeling stuck at you current job and not seeing progress

Feel like you are stuck not making more money

Not getting the respect you deserve

All these mental blocks are common across all OT’s and PT’s, all ages and settings, no matter where you are on your journey to become the best certified hand therapist.

But it’s possible to make studying and passing easier, better, and faster if you believe that it can be possible for you.

With The Exam On-Demand Program, you’ll get access to:

  • 6 months access to a huge video library 
  • Use the plan and curriculum to help stay on track with your studying
  • Videos that break down all the major topics into bite size pieces.
  • Use the frameworks, printouts, and thinking tools to help you study in the right way to be able to answer any questions on the exam.
  • Easy payment plan
  • If you want more time or more personalized access to live calls, receive a big discount to continue towards your goals.

If you are serious and ready to make a big impact in your studying to become a Certified Hand Therapist…I can help. 

Together, you can become a CHT and leverage your career choices.

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Here’s an indepth outline of the major topics that I cover inside Exam On-Demand

  1. Hands – anatomy, all types of hand injuries, surgeries, and example cases.
  2. Wrist – anatomy of the wrist, all types of wrist injuries including ligament injuries, RA, and more with example cases.
  3. Tendons – breakdown of the intricate anatomy, types of surgeries, and how to critically think through a case.  Bridge the gap and differences between the 6th and 7th edition of Rehab of the Hand. 
  4. Burns/Wounds – covering the most complex cases, example cases
  5. Elbow – anatomy of elbow, fractures and ligament injuries and surgery, orthosis needs, and example cases
  6. Shoulders – anatomy, fractures, tendon, labrum, and total joint replacement topics, including testing for all shoulder issues, and example cases.
  7. Nerves – anatomy of the brachial plexus, breakdown of all the branches.  Testing is covered in this area as well as in the other topics, with example cases.
  8. Other – this includes all the other topics such as lymphedema, peds, orthoses principles, and so much more. 

All the major topics have included the Fast Track Framework to help you think through any case that comes your way, the Focus Framework to help you stay focused on all areas that will get tested on, and more.

The scoring of the test is NOT weighted equally so it’s important to know where you need to put your focus as you study for maximum benefit of passing the 1st time.

The Exam On-Demand will help you do just that.



What happens when you upgrade your money mindset?

Deep in the core of your being, there is a space of boundlessness and overflowing energy, a place where your thoughts of scarcity and lack are replaced with deep peace and trust.

A place where you can palpably feel safe, supported and abundant.

Once you clear away the old behaviors and beliefs that are no longer serving you, this will be mirrored in your outer reality and your finances as well.

You’ll feel a deep shift in your body: an expansive feeling of more ease and core stability in your nervous system after you have done the work to shift these patterns.

When you align your unique talents with an empowered mindset and upgraded relationship with money, your abundance will increase on all levels.

1 1 1 1

It’s possible for you to become a CHT.  It’s your turn.

Click below to choose your payment option and complete your registration: 

Commonly asked questions

Whether you’re feeling scared, nervous or skeptical – that’s totally okay and totally normal. It’s totally right for you to want all of the information before committing and I’m happy to answer your questions.

If you feel called to become a Certified Hand Therapist and want my support to study in a way that’s easier, I know I can help.

This is YOUR YEAR to study like you mean it, get closer to taking the exam, and stop putting it off because you want more choices in your career. 

You only have to pass once. 

Dive into the FAQs below, then choose your payment option and get started immediately. 

It can be hard to make such a huge investment into your career…especially in therapy where the common rhetoric is NOT to invest in yourself.

I know you have a lot of options – one which is to do nothing…that’s the cheapest.  But if you have gotten this far….I have to wonder if it’s something that you want to do – become a Certified Hand Therapist. 

You can’t go wrong with this program.  It’s completely dedicated to helping you study for the CHT exam.  If you’re unfamiliar with my style of teaching, I have shared a LOT all over social media as well as YouTube. 

This on-demand program is great for someone who’s getting started with studying and wants a fast boost, has the discipline to study alone, or would rather this program since they can’t make the live calls of the other program.

It’s ME!  There are a handful of small videos that might have another CHT teaching in the group classes, but I lecture in 95% of the videos.

Yes – we offer 18 CEU’s for this on-demand course.  The certificate and CEU’s will be inside the program for your convenience.

I am NOT an AOTA provider but you can still get CEU’s.

If you need your employer to cover your cost, you’ll receive the invoice once you enroll and if you need anything else, just send me an email at info@handtherapysecrets.com and my team will send you what paperwork you may need.

Sometimes people think they have to study before they join any of my programs and that’s just a limiting belief that keeps you feeling stuck.

It’s just like your patients feeling like they should be better before coming to therapy with you….not that helpful right?

The right time to join is all up to you and if you believe you want to study to become a CHT.  Just because you enroll in the program doesn’t mean you learn the information by osmosis….you have to carve the time to study.

And this program helps to make it easy for you.  It’s like having me built in your corner to cheer you along and guide you so that it’s easier as you study. 

You don’t need to do it alone…

Doing the work IS worth it.  

You can pick the payment plan so that you can spread out the cost.

Just don’t keep waiting and putting it off.

The cost is normally 1,500 for 6 months access.  For a short time, save $225 when you enroll.

You can also pick between making one payment or choosing the payment plan to spread out the cost.

Sure.  You can join at any time, but the savings will be ending soon.

Besides that, waiting is the killer of all dreams.  What I find is that since there is no urgency to pass to become a CHT until there is a problem.  Most people wait, but the most committed person takes action now. 

Then they wait so long that it becomes painful – like they hate their current job but can’t get another one, they want to move but find it hard to land the position they want, or the more painful one is that most opportunities pass them by.

It’s kinda like therapy right …. most of the time our patients can come in sooner and get the help faster but they wait and wait…and then their injury is worse and can take longer.

So yes…you can join later …. but I recommend that if you qualify to sit for the hand therapy exam and it’s in your heart to become one…then the sooner the better.

Sure, things come up and it’s okay if you need more time.  

If you like the program but find that you would like more personalized help like weekly live calls, or to be able to shoot me an email at any time to answer your questions, or would like the support of the community – I’m here to support you until you pass.

You can continue or join the live version of The Exam prep at 50% savings.  So you will not have to pay the full price again.  

Just send me an email to info@handtherapysecrets.com and my team will make sure you are taken care of.

There are more and more companies who are looking for CHT’s and can’t find one.  You can become the CHT they are looking for.  Even if you are already working in an outpatient clinic, you can study to become a CHT.
All you have to do is ask if they would support you by helping with the cost of this program. Tell them about this course that can help you study to pass to become a CHT.  
We also offer CEU’s to make it easier for employer reimbursement.  
The worst thing they can say is no…and then you have to decide what is best for you to invest in to become a CHT, so you’ll have more choices in your career. 

It’s your time to realize your potential and break through your doubts to become the next Certified Hand Therapist in your area. 

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The Exam On-Demand allows you to get started studying and keep going using my proven curriculum and method of teaching. 

My approach is easy going, fun, and approachable to simplify complex concepts.  It works no matter where you are in the process. 

I make it easy for you to understand…and then get deeper to dive into the details so that you can become the decision maker in the exam. 

Remember: I’m not going to BS you – it takes some work… but it’s worth it!. 

Because, let’s face it, your dreams cost money.

Together we’ll do the steady work that’s needed to make your dreams happen

BE the CHT before you become the CHT…and the test is in the bag 🙂 

Exam Prep On-Demand​