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Want To Know How To Treat Any Kind Of Hand Injury But Don’t Know Where To Get Started?

Access over 20 years of hand therapy experience from an expert and get
started on your hand therapy journey to be able to treat any type of hand
injury that comes your way.

This is for you if….

Hey party people!!

I’m so excited that you are here because that means you WANT to get the skills to work with people with hand injuries!

That makes me so happy because I always say that we have an opportunity as occupational therapists to help so many people no matter what setting you work in because everyone, (if they are lucky) has TWO hands and arms!

No matter what stage of life your patients are in from young to the very old….the functional use of their hands in a pain free way is important to how active and happy they can be.

This is where YOU come in.

Don’t let naysayers deter you from developing your skills in treating various hand injuries. It can be the most common such as hand and thumb arthritis to some of the more complex cases of fractures, ligament tears, and even flexor tendons.

We ALL start somewhere…and you can get started here.

Imagine having a step by step framework that can help you know what to do during the evaluation when you get a patient that comes to you for the first time.

Imagine feeling like you know ENOUGH to get you the job in that hand therapy clinic so that you have an opportunity to practice and grow your skills in hand therapy.

This idea that you are “already supposed to know” is absurd. You have the capacity to learn and once you have the foundational knowledge…you’ll be able to do it over and over again with all your hand injured patients.

No matter how uncertain or hard this dream of working in hand therapy seems to you right now, it’s 100% possible for you, and I can show you exactly how to make it happen.

A little bit about me….my name is Hoang Tran. I’m an Occupational Therapist by degree, a Certified Hand Therapist by specialization, and a business owner by choice.

Since before I started my 1st business in 2013, I’ve been training and teaching other OT’s in my community to get started in hand therapy.

Once I opened my own clinic, I needed to develop a method and system that would be easier and less overwhelming for my new staff to get trained and start to feel successful – FAST.

Everything I’ve learned and done as a certified hand therapist is here in its most condensed form for you. This is the exact training system that I get all my therapists started with.

What I’m going to share with you inside this program has changed my life and the lives of all the therapists I trained. Once they learned the foundational skills, they literally can treat any hand patient that comes their way.

Let me show you the power of taking the right steps…the proven steps…that have launched the career of hundreds of OT’s that have either worked for me or been inside my programs.

Hoang measuring

Here’s How I’m Going To Help You Get Started in Hand Therapy.

Easy Breakdown Of Modules

Get the step by step guide into how to think through evaluations, special testing, applied anatomy, and treatments for various common hand injuries. The videos show you exactly what you can do, watch them as many times as you need. Then execute by trying it out!

Frameworks And Tools

A workbook and tools that help make doing evaluations, documentations, and treatments easy.


Get the help you need to get your resume to outshine others when applying for the job, and know what to say during the interviews that can secure a call back for the offer.

The total value of this program is over $1000 worth of real life information that you can apply right away. You could easily spend more for a one time course where you would have to pay for flight and hotels. But I understand that investing in yourself when you are uncertain about becoming a hand therapist is why I am making this course accessible to as many Occupational Therapists as possible

Get started on your hand therapy journey

Get LIFETIME ACCESS To All This (valued at over $1000) FOR JUST $199!

I created this program to get you started in hand therapy so you know what is possible for you, no matter what you might have heard in the past.

It’s possible for you as the Occupational Therapist to be successful…so dream BIG.

You are just one decision away from having a fun, happy, and fulfilling career.

I can’t wait for your success! It’s your turn. See you on the inside!

Hoang Tran


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Foundations of Hand Therapy

"I would recommend this course."

Because it’s a comprehensive review of the foundation for hand therapy. Good chance of networking too.

- Tony Y.
9/10 Recommendations

"It helped to explain some of the basics of cases that I see in a hospital setting."

- Elda A.
10/10 Recommendations

"Hand therapy guidance is hard to come by, the more exposure the better!"

- Melissa D.
10/10 Recommendations

"I was really pleased to get hands on experience (no pun intended) to make splints."

The opportunity to connect with other OTs and talk about similar experiences/issues we’ve come across was very beneficial. I really appreciate having the guest speaker come in as well because it was another opportunity for me to learn and grow as an entry level clinician.

- Ashley C.
10/10 Recommendations

"Hoang made this class so fun."

She kept us engaged, and her stories/examples pulled it all together to make it relatable & in a way I could explain in layman terms to my patients. This has been a wonderful weekend where I was able to review the basics of hand therapy and even learn some new tips, tricks, and information that I can implement with my patients.

- Jessica H.
10/10 Recommendations

"I think it’s a good starting point for anyone interested in hand therapy."

It gave a short intro to many concepts that I can now follow up on and learn more about on my own.

- Amanda A.
10/10 Recommendations