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Looking For Mentorship In Hand Therapy?

Feeling unsure if you are providing the right therapy treatments for your patients?

Get Mentorship In Hand Therapy. Get Access To...

Who is this program for?

"Don't waste time - Develop the frameworks that will give you the confidence to treat any case that comes to you. "
- Cindy
"I have been really enjoying your training videos! In particular, it's been great observing how to position the hands to optimise assessments and interventions. I found the last video on 'Measuring Hands and Wrists' really helpful."
- Bai

What’s Included With This Mentorship

Real skills training in hand therapy/upper extremity management

Access to help in real time via email, private groups, and live calls.

Videos of all topics and content to grow your career.

Looking For Mentorship In Hand Therapy?

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