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Get the framework to help you with any patient that comes your way.

Why Hand Therapy Mentorship?

Without hands-on and problem-solving skills, it’s hard to advance your career in hand therapy.

Who is Hand Therapy Mentorship for?

You don’t have to wait your turn to become a Hand Therapist. Get the skills and confidence you deserve to advance your career, help any patients that come your way, and feel sure about what to do and what to say.

Your membership gives you access to everything to help you develop your career in Hand Therapy. All for $99/month.

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Each topic gets you closer and closer to becoming the expert in your area. Get access to these topics with your membership:

"As I tried to forge a path ahead in hand therapy, I was stressed out, burned out, discouraged, and contemplating quitting the whole profession. Providentially, I came across Hoang’s Hand Therapy Secrets Mentorship Program and decided to give it a shot. Hoang’s program offered me practical skills, helped me develop my decision-making framework, provided personalized help when I felt stuck with patients and rekindled my love for Hand Therapy. I really appreciated the educational community Hoang creates, especially when I had faced so many closed doors before. For those who have been burned, used, and abused by the hand therapy hierarchy and pecking order, HTM was a god-send for me."
- Maegan
"So much easier to understand than reading books. Loved the explanation of concepts and the structure because I was lacking structure. Would have never been able to do this on my own.”
- Jennifer