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If You Are An Occupational Therapist Feeling Unsupported, Under Valued, And Unsure Of How To Achieve Your Career Goals - You Are Not Alone.

Achieve Your Career Goals – You Are Not Alone. Get guidance to take out the guesswork with how to build your career and become the best OT in your area inside The Mentorship Progr

“It’s Time to Kiss Good-Bye to The Doubts, Unless Hours Of Searching For Treatment Ideas, And Work On The Right Areas That Will Advance Your Career Faster, With Ease.”

Price 99/month - Cancel at any time

Dear Occupational Therapists,

When the pandemic hit us in 2020 – no one saw that one coming.

Let’s just say it was “Chaos”  for a few years after.

Things happened very fast.

Businesses closed.  Clinics and hospitals closed. Patients couldn’t be treated.  Therapists couldn’t get  hours. 

In the heat of the crisis, survival was the objective.

Now over two years later – things are somewhat normal … but is it really? With talks of inflation, recession, people in healthcare can get too cocky about the safety of their jobs.  

But the people with the most valuable skills are the ones that can get jobs, keep their jobs, and advance their careers to survive any crisis. 

As you look ahead into 2023, how are you planning so that no matter what happens, you have a solid career as an occupational therapist?

But as we head towards 2023, I believe you have a choice about how to grow your career.

Will you choose to be undervalued and under appreciated as a therapist?

Will you choose to always work in self doubt, unsure what to do and how to get results for your patients so that they keep coming to you?

Will you choose to spend countless hours researching the internet on what to do with your cases knowing that your patients are looking at those same videos?

OR….will you choose to start working ON your career as the expert Occupational Therapist who knows what to say, what to do, and how to get results for your patients?

Personally, I think it’s possible to build a lasting career as an OT, feel happy about how I help my patients, and also be able to work in the kind of setting that gives me joy. 

As we head into 2023, NOW is the perfect time for YOU to further strategically build your career, develop your skills, and grow your confidence. 

“Most Occupational Therapists I speak to feel unsure, tired, not to mention…burnt out.”

Can you relate?

With everything that you do as a therapist, pouring into your patients, family, friends – it’s no wonder you are tired and feeling burnt out.

Who’s pouring into you?

Who’s supporting you?

Who’s shining a light into what you already know and helping you connect the dots to make the best decisions?

Who’s showing you what you DON’T know but can make it easier, faster, and more enjoyable for you?

Who’s working with you to develop your skills, your knowledge, your ability to make decisions that make YOU look and feel like the expert that you are in your area?

When you were in school, you were told what to do, when to get assignments done, and you might have been able to grind it out…

…but we are NOT in school any more.

You were not taught how to develop your career, the action steps that can get you any job, action steps to help you become the expert, build a lasting career that makes you money and makes you happy!

It’s possible.

At some point in your career, you’ve got to start thinking about how to get your career to a point where you have choices on what you want to do, what setting you want to work in, and command a salary that makes you happy.

Look at those words again. Choices. Happy.

Not words that many will associate with in the past few years.

But that has to be your NEW focus for now and moving forward.

And just how many choices you have and how happy you are in your career doesn’t have so much to do with what’s happening in the world, it is more to do with how well you are PREPARED.

COVID caught us by surprise.

But even if COVID is still around, and people are talking about a recession – we know how to play the game.

We’ve learned lessons.

We know what to do if there’s changes that happen outside our control.

We also know there’s going to be BIG OPPORTUNITIES for growth.

There are job opportunities coming your way as long as you have the skills and are prepared to take on the challenges.

Your colleagues (other OTs and PT’s) are going to hibernate and think there’s nothing that they can do.
Most will do the minimum because they feel tired and burnt out.

“That’s why I am serious when I tell you that your career can be different.”

No one is going to make you do anything.

Not your job, boss, or parents.

Only you can make that decision.

The best way is to have a plan and a guide.

If you are serious about developing your career as an occupational therapist, want guidance to develop your skills, get clear on what to do with your patients, and be surrounded by like-minded therapists…now is the time to take action.

What is “The Mentorship” program?

This is our month to month program. Start now and cancel at any time. There’s zero risk.

All successful therapists join (OT, COTA, PT, and CHT’s) in order to get the support and structure they need to learn new skills, get certainty about what to do with their patients, and not feel overwhelmed doing it alone.

They stay because they value being in a safe place to continue getting support, developing their value as the expert in their area, and knowing they can get real answers quickly and with ease.

It’s a structured program so that you are continuously learning at a nice and easy pace.

No pressure. No competition. No bs.

Get exactly what you need to be clear on what you need to do, how to do it, and not waste time running in circles.

Know that you are not alone by getting the support that you need to feel successful.

Even if you can’t make any or all calls live, there is AMAZING value in how you can interact with me personally, my team, and the group of therapists to continue and build your career with skills and confidence.

How The Mentorship Program Works

There’s 3 parts to the program:

The Result?

Basically…month on month, you’ll build knowledge and get the support you need. Develop your ability to critically think through any case you have, make decisions on what needs to happen for results, and work in a way that gets you results in your career.

Come in today with zero risk. Cancel at any time.

What you need to participate?

Who is this for?

This is a program that has been created especially for therapists who want to make a positive difference to people’s lives – while building a fulfilling career for themselves working in hand therapy.

No matter what setting you currently work in, this is for you if…

Why do it with me?

First of all….I’ve done it before!

I’ve “rode this bull” before!

I’ve worked in just about every setting as an OT and know what it takes to move from one setting to the next to land into the setting of my choosing.

Now, I own a clinic for the past 10 years where I’ve been training therapists, hiring therapists, and helping them develop their careers – no matter their background or work experience. Every single OT’s who’s worked with me, has been able to elevate their career to the next level.

I’ve been mentoring OT’s and PT’s from around the world these past 3 years online and have a keen knowledge of how to help my members have the advantage over others in their area.

I’ve paid for numerous courses, mentors, and coaches on how to do this program the right way. I’ve gone and done it with my own team, brought many treatment techniques to my own patients with overwhelming success that we are able to charge the highest cash prices for our services.

Now, I want to share it with you.

I’ve done it year after year for many years now and there’s nothing more valuable than this type of mentorship. Let me share with you all my experience of mentoring my own team and ensure what’s possible for your career as the expert therapist.

Here’s what you get inside The Mentorship program

You can have the career of your dreams, be able to treat any patients that come your way so that you can have more choices in your career and be happy. It’s your turn.

See you on the inside,

Hoang Tran

Here’s some Frequently Asked Question:

OT, COTA, PT, CHT’s working with adults, treating people in any setting who have two hands and arms, kids/peds in upper extremity, working specifically in hands or wants to work in hands.
Does it provide CEU’s?
It’s only $99 for a month full of personalized access. It auto renews for your convenience. Cancel at any time with no questions asked.
Hoang teaches in this program and all other coaches/mentors are CHT’s who have been through Hoang’s program extensively (as staff or member) AND currently practicing as a therapist treating real patients. Our courses are NOT student/member led nor taught by non-practicing members of the community. As a member, you are only required to participate by showing up and asking questions.
We cover all areas of hand injuries, wrist, elbow, shoulder, neck, wound care , orthosis, activities, exercises – just to name a few of the larger topics. This program can also help you with any career advice you need such as resume audit, guiding you with interviews and negotiating, or helping you address workplace conflict. Skys the limit to the kind of support and guidance you can get inside this hands-on program.

The method in which we teach can help you because my overall style is to help you critically think through any case, problem solve, and make decisions about what you can do with your patients. The monthly calls can give you accountability to stay on top of studying. In this program, we focus most on treatment and do NOT go into the depth of details that you would need if you are studying for the Hand Therapy Exam. If you need more specific help studying for the CHT exam, click here to apply for the program.

We meet live on Zoom the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7 pm EST.
We have plenty of members that can’t make the calls due to time differences or a busy schedule. All calls are recorded and placed up into the showcase that same night. We also send you the replay 24 hours later and those calls, you can keep forever. Send your questions at any time, and we’ll answer them on the call as if you are on.
All calls are recorded and placed up into the showcase that same night. We also send you the replay 24 hours later and those calls, you can keep forever. Send your questions at any time, and we’ll answer them on the call as if you are on.
All you have to do to cancel is send in an email that you want to cancel, and you will not be charged automatically for upcoming months. No explanations needed.
We have a process if you have a time sensitive question, such as a patient coming for therapy before our scheduled call, just write urgent and by the time needed – and Hoang will answer your call via short 5 minute video.
There’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask. We encourage questions on all topics related to therapy, treatment, careers, and anywhere that can help you build a great career in occupational therapy.

If you have read this far, it must mean that you need this program! If you need more certainty that this is the best program for you, send Hoang an email at hoang@handtherapysecrets.com and tell her where you are on your journey as an OT.