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Are you struggling with a decision about building your business?

You’ve got decisions to make as a business owner and you keep going back and forth between asking friends, searching forums, and can’t seem to get a straight answer.

You’ve got a million questions and it’s hard to know if you are making the right decision to help you win. 

It’s keeping you up at night and you are tired of the stress it’s creating.  It feels like you are one decision away and this “blockage” is stopping you in your tracks. 

You don’t want to ask in a group coaching format.

You don’t want to join a business course because you don’t have the time to go through it.

You don’t want to wait to join a business mastermind and wait your turn to ask questions.

You value one on one attention on a private call, get quick help, and an honest outside perspective. 

If you are looking for fast help with no frills, book your 1 hour business consultation with me.

In business, oftentimes, we are so close to our business and the results we are desperate for and we go round and round in our own heads.  

There’s a saying “you can’t read the outside label when you are inside the jar”.  That’s why seeking outside counsel can help you get clear on your decisions and take faster action.

If that sounds like you, book a 1 hour business consultation with me, Hoang Tran.

Who’s Hoang Tran – 

I’m a current business owner of both my brick and mortar clinic and an educational online business, and happen to also be an occupational therapist.

I’ve been in business for over a decade and have gone through the ups and downs as many other small business owners have.  I’ve invested in business coaches, programs, and have invested heavily in getting an outside perspective as well.  I know the value it can bring you and the speed in which you can take action to get results. 

That’s just to say, I know how it feels to be stuck and looking for outside guidance.  Sometimes friends and family members can’t give you the independent perspective you need to make the best decisions that need to be made in order to grow your business. 

I can help from one business owner to another. 

Hoang 9189

Why trust me? 

I won’t ever ask you to just blindly trust me.  Do your research.  Look me up.  I’m online for both my businesses and constantly doing the everythings you might have a question about.

I’m experienced and know how to market my business, sell at premium prices, and hire people who can also help me grow, bake profit into my business, and have more flexibility.  

I want my business to be fun to run and profitable so that I can keep doing what I love.  I want that for you too! 

So, it’s completely up to you if you decide to trust me and book a consultation. 

Will this work for you? 

This will work for you if you have a specific set of questions that I can help you sort out.  Whether it be about marketing, sales strategies, pricing, hiring, running operations, or a number of other topics having to do with starting a business or growing a business.

This will work for you if you have ideas and want to “pick my brain” based on my experience so that you can decide on what can work for you or not. 

Why you shouldn’t book a consultation.

Don’t book a consultation for information that you can google.  It won’t be a good use of your time or mine and I think you might leave mad that I couldn’t provide you with more “value”.

Don’t book a consultation if you are looking for information that is out of my scope of ability such as tax law or financial types of questions.  I am not a lawyer or an accountant.  I can share what I use or have done but if you are looking for specific information per your state laws, I may not be the best person. 

Let’s be honest.  I know a lot about building a business from the ground up, but I don’t know everything and I’m perfectly happy to say when it’s outside of my scope. 

RISK FREE – if you book a call and it’s outside my scope of being able to help you, I’ll be the first person to refund you your fees and cancel the consultation.

Here’s the plan:

Once you pay for a consultation:

  1. You’ll receive a confirmation email with a series of questions to fill out.  This will help you get the most out of the call.   
  2. You’ll receive a link to book the call. 
  3. The call can be recorded and sent to you so that you have all your action steps available for you to take action.