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Hand Exam Prep

“STRUCTURE. ACCOUNTABILITY. Connect with Others Taking the Exam.”

“Just do it. It’s a big exam it takes a lot out of your life and I needed to break it down and just make it a little bit more feasible. We’re such a small little group of people it’s hard to find you know people like you people to keep you motivated. If you need accountability, structure, and help with challenging concepts, this is the group to join. Hoang makes concepts easier to grasp.”

- Shanna L, CA
[Shanna was looking for like-minded people to help her get to pass the CHT exam]

“It Helped Me Not To Feel Alone. At the End of the Day I’m a Better Therapist for Taking this Course.”

I had trouble with organizing my study and the weekly calls kept me focused. Hoang was great, she answers all your questions and keeps you on track and accountable. It’s worth it!!!

- Allisen A.
[was looking for something that could help her feel prepared for the CHT exam.]

“She is There to Help You Be a Better Hand Therapist.”

“Before the Hand Exam Prep, I was struggling with EVERYTHING! Where to start, what to look at, what timeline to do it in, what resources to use! I literally just felt overwhelmed and did not know where to start. Hoang helps lay it out in bite-size pieces and it all of a sudden is manageable!

You will not regret signing up for the Hand Exam Prep Program. Hoang and her team are highly devoted to your success. They are in your back pocket to help YOU however YOU need! Whether it is encouragement, a swift kick in the butt, a way to help you carve out time for your test. When Hoang draws the explanation on herself it helps SOOOO much! I just remember it and understand it better. I have learned so much and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.”

- Kari R., CO
[Shanna was looking for like-minded people to help her get to pass the CHT exam]

“If You Need a Kick in the Pants. Do It.”

There is so much information and I wasn’t sure what areas to study more than others. If you were flailing around half ass studying like I was, you need to do this and force yourself to make a date for the test. If you need help with organizing and retaining information then get structure and accountability from the program. I joined because I knew that this program would give me structure and would help me to focus on the areas of most importance for the exam.

I like that it keeps me accountable. For me, I tend to get caught up on an area and stay there because I want to feel like I fully grasp it and know everything about it. But, that does not work with this exam. There is so much info to cover. With this program, I am forced to move on to next week’s topic and that is something that personally I found helpful. I also like the videos. I listen to them in my car or when I am in bed and can’t fall asleep. And the repetition of watching them helps me to remember the info better.

- Jacqueline K.
[Jacqueline was very overwhelmed with the amount of information and studying materials out there and did not know where to even begin.]

“It’s Not Easy To Do It Alone. It’s Been So Helpful Having A Network of Therapist Who Are All Focusing on the Same Thing. It is Really Incredible.”

- Katie L., MI
[Katie struggled to have an organized routine and was randomly studying from different Sources.]

“Bringing the Content to Life was One of the Biggest Biggest Biggest Supports of this Program.”

- Vanessa G., FL
[Vanessa was stuck on not knowing where to start, what resources to use, what schedule to go about, how to plan her studies and what chapters to cover.]

“I Passed My Exam On the First Try.”

- Kim, FL
[Kim was studying for the CHT exam and found herself overwhelmed with the amount of info that she had to study for.]

“There's so much info and the videos are so great!”

- Susan X., CA
[Susan needed some help preparing for the protocols and anatomy sections of the CHT [exam.]

"The program is very personalized and holds you accountable."

It’s hard to make yourself study and understand everything without guidance.

- Kori T.

[Kori Needed Help to Pass the CHT exam in November]

“It is totally worth it"

it really helps understand how the test will be done and things are explained to you in detail to make it easier to understand. I enjoyed the way she laid it out and spent time on each subject to guide us through our studying.

- Jessica V., FL
[Jessica did not know where to start with all the information.]

“I would definitely recommend joining the program"

to a person who feels overwhelmed by the amount of the textbook and struggles with how to organize the knowledge. The various video clips that help me understand the knowledge correctly.

- Kyu L., NY
[Kyu needed help with understanding the textbook and knowledge.]

“Invest in yourself, your goal, your dreams and take the course."

Get accountability with others and organized reviews of each section of the upper extremity; anatomy and kinematics.

- Jameail W.
[Jameail was looking to see if this program was the right fit for him.]

"If you want to be like the Navy seals of in the therapy world."

This program will get you in shape to becoming a CHT, along with family to help and support and encourage you. 

What I liked best about the program is the clear outlined approach to studying and the ability to have communication with a CHT that wanted to cultivate the next generation of up and coming therapists.

- VaShon J.

[VaShon wanted to establish a relationship with a CHT Mentor and a community of therapist in preparation for the CHT Exam.]

"This program has set a guideline for my study."

It has laid out a plan, in an easy to access website I can login to on my phone and laptop – I can study anywhere at any time. Information is chunked into categories, making it easy to navigate.

I like the attitude, the descriptions, stories, accountability, extra opportunities to learn and connect with other like-minded therapists.

- Sarah P.

[Sarah was looking for a place to expand her study, be held accountable, have help with chunking the study topics, and sticking to a plan while preparing for the exam.]

“DO IT. "

It’s the perfect about exam oriented material with sprinkles of fun, practical, clinically relevant ideas as well. I liked the accountability and having an organized study schedule, topic by topic.”

- Kaitlyn L., CA

[Kaitlyn had trouble getting in a study routine and focusing topic by topic.]

"This program really helped me understand the basic anatomy and biomechanics needed to think through problems."

It also helped me realize I didn’t need to remember every tiny little detail about everything because when reading the Rehab of the Hand book it’s very easy to get caught up in the little things.

There was so much information I was completely overwhelmed with where to focus. I read the Rehab of the Hand book cover to cover and felt like I didn’t retain much at all.

The videos and the encouragement to draw on your hand! The visuals help me so much, I always wrote on myself in anatomy but had forgotten some of my strategies since it’s been a while!

- Tamara M. , CA

[Tamara was stuck in her studies and needed directions to pass the CHT Exam.]

"Get off the fence & join! Definitely well worth the time & money to pass the CHT exam!"

You will not be disappointed & you will be engaged weekly to pass the exam and having accountability.

 Having failed the exam by 1-2 points each time I have taken the exam has been extremely humbling & disheartening. This program helped me to stay on track & ignore the white noise of the past. 

Having an outline with topics, your videos, our weekly zoom meetings all to keep us on task. I appreciate your motivation, positive energy, and knowledge. I appreciate the way Hoang present the topics in your video’s & in our zoom meetings. Having Hoang as our personal cheer leader has been excellent!

She Rock!

- Alexandra F. , VA

[Alexandra had trouble studying due to it being overwhelming & so many resources to read.]

Hand Therapy Mentorship

"The amount of content to pick and choose from is worth it."

It’s great to understand the clinical reasoning behind the answers.

- Liz B.
[Liz was looking to increase her clinical skills]

"So much easier to understand than reading books."

She explanation of concepts. Also loved the structure. I was lacking structure. Would have never been able to do this on my own.

- Jennifer
[Jennifer wants to prepare early so she gets a headstart when she becomes eligible to take the CHT Exam.]

"Thank you so much for putting together such a dope course!"

I’ve been practicing on family and a friend!

- Leneice B.
[Leneice was looking to improve their skills for making custom fitted orthoses.]

"I have been really enjoying the content with the mentorship program."

As well as watching the replay of the calls. I appreciate your help with the resume changes and how supportive you are to new grads in your videos and live/virtually.

- Lisa R.
[Lisa was determined to grow her knowledge and skills as a new grad.]

"First I just wanted to say that your mentorship program has been SO helpful for me as a new hand therapist."

And I appreciate all of the work you put into helping everyone out!

- Kristin H.
[Kristin just graduated OT school and started working at an outpatient hand clinic and needed a reliable resource.]

"I appreciate Hoang's insight about confidence and the importance of having a growth mindset. "

Additionally, the weekly zooms and the videos have been very helpful!

- Jen T.
[Jen was seeking mentorship in Hand Therapy.]

"YAY! I just watched the elbow discussion on the video portal and it was really helpful."

Actually watched it a few months ago when I first started my job but now it makes sense. After I’ve worked here and treated some people first. Now i know what you’re talking about when referring to what the patients are saying! 

I’m REALLLYYYYY looking forward to next month’s elbow and wrist tendinitis topic bc I see SOOOO many workers comp and non surgical carpal tunnel, elbow tendonitis’, and thumb CMC/dequervains.

- C.Y.
[C.Y wanted to improve her knowledge so she could better progress her patients.]

"It's such a great resource."

I signed up this past week for the mentorship program (admittedly after some hesitation ), but I am very glad I did!

- Eric G.
[Eric took a leap of faith with the Hand Therapy Mentorship program.]

"I appreciate Hoang's insight about confidence and the importance of having a growth mindset. "

Additionally, the weekly zooms and the videos have been very helpful!

- Jen T.
[Jen was seeking mentorship in Hand Therapy.]

Orthosis 101

"She made it so simple and practical."

It was less intimidating learning from Hoang than any other person I’ve learned from. The videos detailing step by step are super helpful. It will be helpful to have something to refer back to, especially if you are new to making orthosis or just need a refresher.

- Leneice B.
[Leneice was looking to improve their skills for making custom fitted orthoses.]

"It’s worth the money and the time."

The more you practice, the better you’ll get and this course will help you get there. The material and videos, both were extremely helpful. I was able to watch the videos and use the material for hands on learning

- Katherine
[Katherine wanted to gain more experience in orthotics.]

"It's a great way to practice."

Especially with the pandemic going on, also to have a mentor in hands is sometimes difficult to find.

- Toni W.
[Toni was looking to improve his skills of splinting as he has not made any for a long time.to gain experience in hands, splints and eventually get a job in hands.]

"It's the easiest way to gain hands on experience."

If you don’t have access to thermoplast or mentorship. You get two different types of thermoplast, the step by step videos, and the how to turn the wrist support Orthosis into a static progressive as well as showing the trigger finger Orthosis.

- Gabrielle W.
[Gabrielle wanted to gain hands on Orthosis fabrication practice.]

"Worth it just for the materials and time to practice."

The best about the program were the different materials and explainations on how to mold and time to practice at home.

- Emilie
[Emile started working in hand therapy and felt the need to gain confidence in creating orthosis.]

"Great course on two common splints used in a variety of settings."

With useful tips and tricks that can get put into practice right away. great for the beginner splinter and as a refresher for those of us getting back into splinting! 

- Elizabeth C.

"This is a good starting course to build a basic understanding."

Of the concepts surrounding orthosis construction. The detailed videos that take you step by step throughout the process of building a custom orthosis.

- Paul C.

Foundations of Hand Therapy

"I would recommend this course."

Because it’s a comprehensive review of the foundation for hand therapy. Good chance of networking too.

- Tony Y.
9/10 Recommendations

"It helped to explain some of the basics of cases that I see in a hospital setting."

- Elda A.
10/10 Recommendations

"Hand therapy guidance is hard to come by, the more exposure the better!"

- Melissa D.
10/10 Recommendations

"I was really pleased to get hands on experience (no pun intended) to make splints."

The opportunity to connect with other OTs and talk about similar experiences/issues we’ve come across was very beneficial. I really appreciate having the guest speaker come in as well because it was another opportunity for me to learn and grow as an entry level clinician.

- Ashley C.
10/10 Recommendations

"Hoang made this class so fun."

She kept us engaged, and her stories/examples pulled it all together to make it relatable & in a way I could explain in layman terms to my patients. This has been a wonderful weekend where I was able to review the basics of hand therapy and even learn some new tips, tricks, and information that I can implement with my patients.

- Jessica H.
10/10 Recommendations

"I think it’s a good starting point for anyone interested in hand therapy."

It gave a short intro to many concepts that I can now follow up on and learn more about on my own.

- Amanda A.
10/10 Recommendations