I’m Hoang aka “Wong”. 

An OT/CHT, author, and business owner of a private clinic employing other OT’s that want to develop their skills and grow their confidence in order to truly help their patients get better.

After 20 years as an Occupational Therapist, I am still hearing about how hard it is to get into Hand Therapy and develop your skills to be an effective hand therapist….​

Not much has changed since I started and was struggling as a new graduate to get a job in Hand therapy.  

I didn’t have the skills to get the job, and I couldn’t get the job because I didn’t have the skills. When I finally did land a job, it was still a lonely place because support and mentorship was completely lacking until I became a Certified Hand Therapist and could feel more confident in my skills.

Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned occupational therapist who want to develop your skills and grow your confidence in hand therapy….
I am here to support you.

As a private therapy business owner, I hear it more and more the struggles that you go through to get a full time job, find a path of fulfillment in your career, and to become the hand therapist expert in your area.

I’m here to help you succeed in your career!
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It can be a lonely world when you are first getting started in your OT/OTA career.  And lets face it….it can be lonely even if you have been working for a while.  Everyone is so busy seeing patients and with their lives that it is getting harder and hard to connect with those that have your SAME career interest. This is your opportunity to join us and grow together!


Interships and school is NOT enough. And some times, CEU and NON-CEU classes come and go and then everything crammed in our brains in that short weekend which gets forgotten as we get busier with patients. Work together HERE to develop your skills, practice, and get answers to the questions that you have.


It’s hard to have the confidence all the time to work in an area where you KNOW you need help to develop your skills. Join our community and develop the skills so you can help anyone with hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and neck injuries. Grow your confidence and get the career you want. 

I’m here to help you succeed in your career!