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Hoang’s Hand Exam Prep Program For OTs and PTs who want to prepare for the CHT exam and study in a way that increases their chance of passing the first time.

This is YOUR opportunity to be able to prepare for the Hand Therapy Exam with less overwhelm, less reading, and in less time.

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How this program is different from our other ones.

First, this program is nothing like Hoang’s other programs….like Hand Therapy Mentorship or Orthosis 101.

Those programs are about providing treatments….making splints….

THIS program is about YOU studying in a way that will help you pass the Hand Therapy Exam for the 1st time.

It’s about holding you accountable to prepare, keeping you focused to cover all the topics, and help you think through problems in a way that you feel good about the decisions you need to make as the expert hand therapist. It’s about helping you BE the CHT before you BECOME the CHT.

How big is your ambition?

Your desire to WANT to become a certified hand therapist is VITAL.

That means not everyone is qualified to join us and to be one of the chosen ones you must already be an OT or PT and be qualified to sit for the hand therapy exam.

To be qualified:

  1. You have at least 3 years of experience as a licensed OT or PT (no assistants).
  2. You have to have at least 4,000 hours in upper extremity therapy management (it doesn’t have to be an outpatient clinic or with a CHT).

What makes you qualified is not the number of years, hours, or where you work but rather your AMBITION to become a great certified hand therapist.

You must want to learn beyond just memorizing the textbooks, be open to learning how to APPLY what you do know, and become the kind of therapist who thinks for yourself so that you can become a critical thinker and decision-maker.

There is significant investment needed from you – your time, energy, and money. You will need to COMMIT and STRETCH your mind in order to get the best possible outcomes from this program to pass and become a certified hand therapist.

What you will get is our commitment to working with you until you pass the exam. You will receive 6 months of access to the program, mentorship from myself, and support from my team that will take you from feeling overwhelmed, tired, and confused to a therapist who feels confident and clear about becoming the best in your area.

You will be set up to deliver more VALUE to your patients and have more TIME for yourself and your family once you’ve confidently passed the exam with our help.

Here’s how this program can help you prepare to take the exam sooner rather than later:

  1. Study all the critical topics that will be on the exam.
  2. Cover all areas of anatomy, diagnosis, and protocols.
  3. Show you how to apply what you know into actual treatment practice.
  4. Get clear and concise answers to areas you are unsure of.
  5. Stay accountable and focused on your goal of sitting for the CHT exam.
  6. Feel empowered and more confident about your progress.

Here’s what you get as a result of your participation.

Perhaps the most important insurance policy you can buy…

*911 Emergency access to Hoang and her team if there is a major problem, challenge, or issue whether it be a work-related matter or a patient problem, get help and support fast. This is probably the most important “insurance” policy you can have.

“Want to know what happens when you join Hoang’s program?” Exam Success Stories…

Before you apply to join Hoang’s hand Exam Prep program, here are a few stories of how others have used this program to help them prepare and pass to become a certified hand therapist.

Your investment for the next 6 months…

This is only for people who are serious about becoming a Certified Hand Therapist

For those who join, this experience will completely revamp how you think about studying for the exam and even how you practice as a hand therapist. Given that Hoang is revealing to you what she’s done in the past 15 years to help those closest to her and OTs in her own clinic become CHTs – this could easily be priced at 12,000 – 15,000 (like most universities programs).

But to make it accessible to the right people, including those who want more choices in their careers. The program is only $2,499.

Polite Warning: This is Hoang’s most sought-after program, so we only take those who are serious about studying to pass.
If you are someone like me who needs more than 6 months, ask me about the Bridge program that we offer you need more time.

Here are 10 things that will happen to you as a result of joining the Hand Exam Prep program.

  1. You won’t have to read everything (that means rehab of the hand)!
  2. You’ll understand concepts of anatomy, diagnosis, and treatment so that you don’t have to memorize everything.
  3. You’ll prepare in half the time because the videos inside the program along with lectures teach what you need to know and what you don’t need.
  4. You’ll know where to focus on your studying so you won’t waste time. Don’t let another year pass you by.
  5. You’ll know which resources to use and not waste time on others.
  6. You’ll know how to allocate your time during studying.
  7. You’ll know all the areas that are necessary to cover and what you don’t need to focus on.
  8. You’ll get support from a community of therapists committed to doing what you want to do. Find your study buddy in this program.
  9. You’ll know how to critically think through, problem-solve through any case, and make decisions that will make the difference between passing and failing.
    And it will improve what you do with your patients.
  10. And ultimately, you’ll be more prepared to hit your goals as the OT or PT by sitting for the Hand Therapy Exam.

If you are not looking to become a world-class CHT and already know everything to pass the hand therapy exam - then don’t apply

I want to be upfront and make no apologies about it. 

I cover all the major topics but it’s taught in a way to help you understand concepts.  Writing and paying attention is a major part of the prep work.  So you’ll be taking notes, watching videos, and required to send in questions when you don’t understand something.  

I’m not just going to give you the “PowerPoint slides” and you can’t just “ buy my notes.  You are required to make your own notes so that you can prepare to pass the exam.

This program requires your effort! 

There’s a large portion of knowledge base facts that you have to learn along the way and a large focus on mindset – being able to shift from negative thinking to positive in order to see your success.   

As a bonus, you’ll have more time, more fun, and enjoy the journey of becoming a certified hand therapist.  So you too can have more choices and autonomy in your career. 

With all that said….

Enrollment is strictly by application and here’s who should apply.

Applications will be reviewed and followed up to ensure your success. You should apply if:
If you think any of these describes you, then click the link below to submit your application.
We’ll be going through these applications in the order in which they are received, so click the link below to submit your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  We offer 18 live CEU’s and 18 on-demand CEU’s.  Once inside the program, your documents are available for download, keep for your records, and to submit to the appropriate places. You can email us at info@handtherapysecrets.com for further details.

Hoang often recommends asking your company to support you by purchasing books for the clinic that you can use to study. Some places will even pay fully or partially for you to participate in Hoang’s Hand Exam Prep. If you need such supporting documents such as schedule and objectives to show proof of CEU’s, please send us an email at info@handtherapysecrets.com and we’ll send you all the documents to show your employer.

Yes! You can make one payment or break it up into 3 easy payments.

Hoang teaches in this program and all other coaches/mentors are CHT’s who have been through Hoang’s program extensively (as staff or member) AND currently practicing as a therapist treating real patients. Our courses are NOT student/member led nor taught by non-practicing members of the community. You as a member are only required to participate by studying and asking questions.
All calls are recorded and placed on the platform the same night. You get the replay 24 hours delivered to your inbox which you get to keep. Our Saturday study sessions are also recorded and placed in the platform for review.
All questions are welcomed at any time. There is no limit to the number of questions you have. We have a process and time frame to answer all questions.
People often tell us they don’t have time because of work, kids, family….but is any of that really going to change? People are normally always going to be “busy” and “not have enough time” but the reason you keep putting the exam off due to “no time to study” is the EXACT reason you NEED to be in a program like this. The curriculum is built to give you structure, accountability, and focus. No structure and no focus is where people tend to LOSE the time.

If something happens and your plan is altered, we have a Bridge program that you can enroll in if you need more time.  The Bridge program is an extension of the Hand Exam Prep.  It’s the bridge that will allow you to keep your access to the structure and support that you need to help you to the next exam date.  The Bridge program only is $594 for 6 months to continue to have access to the program and support.  You will get access to all the live calls and library videos again until the next exam. 


If you have failed, we request your scores and do a Score Audit.  It’s an opportunity to assess your strengths, go over your experiences, study schedule, and create a plan of focus.  We have found that minor tweaks if you have gone through at least 6 months with us, and your score is less than 10 points away, is the key to bridging the gap so that you can pass the next time.  You can then continue with us in the Bridge program which allows you continued access to the program and all the benefits.

Once you have joined the program and you need to take a break due to life events, you are always welcomed back in under the Bridge program.  We have had students take breaks due to health issues, pregnancies, and so many more reasons.  We know that this is a journey, and we are here to support you.

We offer private tutoring once you are inside the program.  Private tutoring is for someone who wants more one-on-one time to go over topics and questions.  This is also great for anyone who’s failed in the past or has limited work experience in complex hand cases.

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Meet Hoang.

People often ask why I started Hand Therapy Secrets. It was discouraging when I started on my journey in hand therapy…and my mission is to change that narrative for other Occupational Therapists.

It’s possible for you to become an expert so that you can have choices in your career.

My mission is to help Occupational Therapists who want to specialize in hand therapy develop their skills, grow their confidence to be able to treat any patient that comes their way with a hand or arm injury, and help them prepare and pass the Hand Therapy Exam to become Certified Hand Therapists.

“Be the CHT Before Becoming the CHT.”

It’s about YOU becoming a critical thinker, problem-solver, and decision-maker – as it pertains to helping any patient that comes your way. Get the accountability, focus, and support so you can prepare to become a Certified Hand Therapist.

It’s your turn.

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