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3 Tips to help you pass if you have failed the CHT exam

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If you have failed the CHT exam in the past…I recognize your pain.

All the work, studying, and sacrifice towards achieving passing is not a light one. It hurts and it’s hard to not feel like all your time and money is wasted. 

But as much as it hurts, it hurts more when you quit on yourself. Once you quit you will never give yourself another chance.

It is important to allow yourself time to process failure and to reflect on what went wrong. This can help you learn from your mistakes and make adjustments to your approach so that you can move forward and achieve your goals. Additionally, taking time to process failure can also help you maintain a positive attitude and prevent feelings of discouragement from becoming overwhelming.

So ask yourself what’s in it for YOU? WHY is this important for you to pass?

I spoke to an OT who failed the exam over 2 years ago. It literally broke her. 

But what’s amazing is how she recovered.

She sat in her feelings. There’s shame, doubt, embarrassment, anger….so much more. You have to acknowledge these feelings so you can work around them. You have to make sure you don’t take them with you once you decide to start studying again. 

So what did this student do after processing?  She got professional help! I was truly amazed at her ability to recognize what she needed and get help. She worked with a counselor/therapist for months until she healed her wounds and worked on some deeper issues.

Because it goes beyond the exam – it’s about being a great version of yourself for yourself.

Then she proceeded to study…and study she did. She purchased books, enrolled in a few programs, but it didn’t seem to stick well.

She had followed Hand Therapy Secrets on Youtube and Instagram for over a year and finally decided to apply for The Exam prep.

After going through the questions and after the private call – we decided that she was a great fit for The Exam prep program.

She had the years, hours, and commitment. She had taken it before so we did a score audit. Even though it had been years, we were able to tease out where her strengths and weaknesses were so that she could get guidance on where to focus her studying.

It’s not about studying MORE…it’s about focusing on the right things to study MORE of.

Then she executed the plan. She PASSED and is now a CHT.

So…if you have failed in the past you have to ask yourself: Do you want to become a greater version of yourself FOR yourself?

If you want to take the exam again…here’s my advice:

  1. Analyze your study habits – what works and what doesn’t work.  Be honest with yourself.
  2. Analyze your score – we do a score audit with you when you enroll in The Exam prep program. Talking with someone who doesn’t just agree with you can be most helpful. 
  3. Declutter – declutter your notes, brain, space, and get focused on what you are good at and apply that to the gaps. 

It’s not just about the letters behind your name….it’s about the progress you make for yourself. It’s about feeling confident in your work and confident that your patients will feel better because of YOU. 

If you want help, you are someone who is stuck in a similar situation, or you simply want to become a CHT but don’t know where to start, my Exam Prep program can help you. 

Apply here and get on the waitlist.

I’ve worked with therapists who have failed multiple times and PASS when they keep progressing towards their goals. It’s possible for you as well. All you need to do is create a positive mindset. Remind yourself constantly why you are doing this and don’t let negative thoughts or comments deter you from your goal. 

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