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8 Simple Ways To Make Studying For The CHT Exam Easier

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8 Simple ways to make studying for the CHT exam easier 

There are enough things in life that are hard. Why make studying for the Certified Hand Therapist exam hard when we can make it a little easier?

Time changes perspective.  

“Good things happen.  Bad things happen. Only with time will you know which is which.”

Remember how hard high school seemed to be? Until you got to college, you were like, “holy shit!” That was nothing!

Then the trials and tribulation of getting into Occupational Therapy (OT) school…getting through OT school. I remember that I never seemed to be able to ace my tests….no matter how hard or how long I studied.  And that one time, I applied for a TA position, and I was the only one that didn’t get it.

What made it worse than not getting it was all the accolades my friends prompted me with.  They “talked me up.” “If there’s anyone who could get the anatomy Teachers Assistant (TA) position, it would be you, Hoang” they would even tell me how smart I was even if I didn’t feel it myself. 

But I never could get those perfect test scores….nor did it feel like it was easy, and it tormented me. 

Back then, I thought it was hard…including the OT boards.

Then I got to the CHT exam, and I was like…..dude….those things are NOTHING to this exam.  

It’s all perspective.

So let’s work together to make it a bit easier.  

Here are 8 simple ways to make studying for the CHT exam easier! 

  1. Working with the right resources can make your life much easier.  I happen to think the ROH, though is challenging to read – has the MOST pertinent information in one place. Our Hand Exam prep can be the right resource for you if you have been struggling to start or continue studying.  

  2. Limit the search online.  One thing that makes these times more challenging is the sheer amount of information available to you. The one thing you search for can lead you to multiple other pages and paths that you, as the CHT, do NOT need to focus on. 

  3. Keep clean.  A great chef keeps their area clean. Why is that important? It helps to keep you organized and work at a speed that is important to produce at the rate of their food orders and ensures that everything that goes out to the customer is correct.  Same with your studying.

  4. Get organized. Pick your way of organizing your notes, flashcards, calendar, or any other.  

  5. Schedule your time.  What gets done any time gets done in no time. Schedule your time and check on your status weekly. 

  6. Create a realistic schedule or plan.  You know your life better than anyone else. It’s in our nature to overestimate what we can do in a day but underestimate what we can accomplish over time.

  7. Create boundaries and then keep them.  This might be the most challenging one.  People who are your friends, who love you, and even those at work who want you to be the CHT…will push against the boundaries you set for yourself when trying to study.  When you allow them to take your time…take your energy…you are self-sabotaging your success.  When you GIVE up your time and energy…you are giving up your success. Create boundaries and keep them.  

  8. Have a positive attitude.  Say it’s easier than you think and make it that way. Not a fake positive attitude but a real positive attitude.  I’ve noticed working with therapists and even patients.  The ones that have the best outlooks have the best outcomes.  The ones that are Debbie downers or just have a negative attitude create such negative thinking that no matter how much they seem to study, they don’t get the outcome they want.  When you put the work in…, and you see and feel the results, you feel good and have a positive attitude.  When you don’t put the work in – and I’m not talking about longer study hours or every day – but the work where you understand the concepts, you feel good and will do good by picking the best answers. 

No matter where you are on your journey, being the CHT before you become the CHT can be fun, easy, and doable. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

My Hand Exam Prep program can help you. 

If you are ready to prepare and you want to know if this program is right for you – Apply Today!

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