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Creating Your OT Business Plan for 2024​

Hey Occupational Therapists,

Want to start or grow your OT business in 2024?

Looking to create flexibility in your life?

Dreaming of breaking your glass ceiling as an OT and being able to earn more?

As an OT in business, you need to stand out amongst the crowded space to be known and seen for the value you bring.

It’s possible for you to start building a business that will give you the flexibility and financial opportunities you have always dreamt of.

In order to have a chance to start or grow your business, you must plan out what your year in 2024 will look like for your business.

I’m doing it myself to ensure the success of my OT clinic in Miami as well as for my successful online educational company. When I started my OT clinic, I knew nothing about planning –> I winged it. But that brought lots of chaos.

There’s a better way. Here’s what I’ve learned in the over 10 years and 2 businesses. I’m sharing so that you don’t have to struggle the way I did.

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Creating Your OT Business Plan for 2024

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