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Orthosis 101

[ by Hand Therapy Secrets]

Are you an Occupational Therapist or OTA who wants to build your orthosis making skills?

Do you want to get a job in hand therapy and become the best hand therapist in your area?

Being able to create custom fitted orthosis is a MUST HAVE SKILL when working with people with hand injuries. When you can create custom fitted orthosis, you will be able to keep that patient coming back to YOU. More patients, more job security.

Here's what you get with the purchase of this course.

What You Get:

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I can't wait for you to join us in this fun course.

I’ve created this course with you in mind. I guarantee this course is going to be as fun as you make it and a great opportunity for you to get your hands on different thermoplastic materials. Learn the basic principles AND how to apply it to different conditions and cases. It’s a very interactive course that will enhance your skills as a therapist to help you start or sharpen your skills in custom fitted orthosis. I’ll be there for you with essential mentorship calls where I can help you live.

We will be making 2 different orthosis. A Wrist Support Orthosis and a Long Thumb Spica Orthosis. Learn these two and be able to make 2-3 MORE based off of these patterns. Get an opportunity to PRACTICE these MUST HAVE skills for these two often called upon orthosis. This skill will set you apart AND help you get a job in hand therapy, excel in your position, and help you be the best hand therapist in your area. Buckle up!! We are going on this ride together! 😉

(Worried that you might change your mind ? I offer a money back guarantee , no questions asked within two weeks if you decide this course isn’t for you. Ask for details.)
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