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What Stops You From Making Decisions About Your Career in Hand Therapy?

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What stops people from making decisions?

Not being able to make a clear decision – YES or NO – is such a painful state to be in.

Whether it be a relationship – do I stay with them or leave them? 

Even if it’s about food – when you are especially hungry, and you can’t even decide “what type of food do I want to eat?” “where should I get it once I decide what type of food.”

What stops you from deciding to apply for the job, take or decline the job?

What stops you from deciding to take the exam to become a Certified Hand Therapist?

Fear of failure.

Fear of making the wrong decision

Sitting in the “what if’s.”

What if I leave and then I’m alone forever?

What if I stay, and then I’m miserable forever?

What if I never find “the one” that everyone talks about and I’m alone. I’m not meeting these mile markers that I set for myself.  Why can’t he want to be with me like I want to be with him? He should do XZY…

That’s fear of making the wrong decision.

What if I pick that kind of food but then I miss out on the other?  Now that I want Chinese, where should I order it bc this will be faster, but this one has what I really want to eat right now?

When it comes to food – the decision is easier because even if you make a mistake, you will eat again.  But you put SUCH focus on what you want now that you can’t even think about the next meal because at the next meal, you might want something else.

That is called self-doubt.

I want this thing called a Certified Hand Therapist. I want to be known in my area as an expert. I want to be known by my peers as an expert. But it’s hard.  Everyone tells me it’s hard.  And when I start looking at the exam material – it looks hard.   

I want to be a Certified Hand Therapist so that when I start my business, I have a status that will make it easier for me to get patients and market myself to doctors and patients.

I want this. I have all the books. But I can’t get myself to stick to studying. Every time I start studying, when I get overwhelmed or get to an area that I’m stuck on – I stop. So why do I keep putting it off and putting it off? I’ve got the job. I’ve got the years. I’ve got the hours. The only thing I don’t have is passing the exam part.  


Fear of failure.  

If you have failed, it’s the fear of failing again. 

There’s a way to get over that fear.  

That’s awareness.

It’s that easy. Just be honest with yourself. You are afraid of failing.  Who isn’t? It’s a natural fear. Everyone has it.  

When I was studying – I was afraid. It stopped me so many times in the beginning. I bought the books and didn’t study. I would open the book and then close it.

I would start studying in college with the TV in the background. We are not in college anymore. This is not a regular test. It is not due to a certain time. Nobody is making you do anything.

You have to WANT to do it.

You have to WANT to get over your fears.

You have to WORK on making decisions.  It’s a practice.

You have to WORK on managing your self-doubt.

You can’t make a bad decision when it feels good. Break up with the bad dude. There’s always another guy. 

Manage self-doubt. There’s always more when you live in an abundant mindset. Eat the food.  It’s not your last meal. 

Be aware of your fear of failure. First, decide to take the exam. Then take steps to make it happen. You never fail when you learn.  

What you might need to do – is make a different decision to help you to the passing score.
If you have the years, the hours, want to become a Certified Hand Therapist in the next 6-12 months, AND looking for help to study to pass the 1st time,  book a discovery call with me.

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