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Pass the Board Certified Hand Therapist Exam Even If You Failed

Pass the Board Certified Hand Therapist Exam Even If You Failed

Have you taken the Certified Hand Therapist exam and not been successful? 

Did you fail, and did it make you feel sad, disappointed, angry?  

If you did not pass that CHT exam, this message is for you. 

Someone I spoke to about my Hand Exam Prep Program told me something that made me feel really sad. She said, “You know, I’m actually a smart person.” And to that, I said, “Of course, you are. Of course, you’re a smart person.” 

Passing the Certified Hand Therapist exam has nothing to do with how smart you are. It has nothing to do with being a great occupational therapist. It’s really about being able to study in a way that allows you to answer the questions in a very specific way.

Many often tell me that all they need to do is study harder, study more, or try to memorize as much as possible everything in the Rehab of the Hand or the Purple book questions.

But what if you DID study hard?

But what if you DID study as much as you could? How many MORE hours do you need to do? And you failed again?

It’s extremely discouraging.

I know if you’ve taken the exam and have failed, it does a number on your confidence. But, I also know that regardless of whether you pass or fail, you’re still really smart. I don’t know any dumb therapist. We’re all really smart because we keep striving to learn and grow, and that’s what it’s all about. 

It’s not that you need to study more. It’s not that you need to study harder.

The one thing you could focus on to help you pass the CHT exam is to APPLY what you already know.

You are a great therapist. You already know a LOT of information.

Let me help you be able to connect the dots, apply what you know, focus on what areas you need to study that will move the needle towards a 75 score.

What I want to offer you is an opportunity to be brave. It’s an opportunity to believe in yourself that you can take the exam again and you can pass. 

Even if you’ve studied in some fashion or form, the Hand Exam Prep Program will support you in a whole different way. I wholeheartedly believe that you can prepare for the exam in a way that increases your chance to pass, boosts up your confidence, and helps you apply what you already know. 

The frameworks inside the program help you think through and process, building you to become a critical thinker, problem-solver, and decision-maker.

I know that it’s important for you to become a Certified Hand Therapist. I know you can achieve your goal. If you’ve studied before and failed, I know that there’s a different way to go about it, that you can give yourself the best possible chance of sitting for the exam again and passing. 

There are big differences between studying, doing everything yourself, and enrolling in the Hand Exam Prep Program.

It’s NOT just about something that you can read on your own. It’s not about PowerPoint slides that you have to read by yourself. It’s not about cramming everything you need in a weekend course. I’ve taken the guesswork out for you, so you don’t have to waste more time.

Here’s what you get with the hand exam prep program:

This program gives you a chance to work with me and my team so that you can apply what you already know.

If you’re wondering, “Can I actually do it?” I’m here to tell you, “Yes, you can.” And that’s why one of the things that I do is talk to therapists who are sitting for the exam. I talk to them before they purchase my program because I want to show you what’s possible, and I want to see if you are a right fit because if it’s not, then I don’t want you to purchase it. So I want you to know what’s possible for you. 

If you want to become a CHT. BE the CHT to BECOME the CHT.

Book a Discovery Call Today and get the accountability, focus, and support that you need to become an expert.

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